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M-30 Auto Body Frame Machine

Double tilt, Box structure with steel plate 10mm+10mm
Platform Length: 5800mm
Platform Width: 2200mm
Tower Pulling Capacity: 95 KN/10 Tons
Max. Lifting Capacity: 3500KG

1. 86'' /2200mm wide deck is perfect for light trucks, SUV or Pickups, etc full-frame vehicles. 

2.Over 200 tie-down opening for virtually unlimited anchoring. 

3.True 3600 pulling capability.

4.3500kg/7716 lbs, 4500kg/10000 lbs, 5500kg/12000 lbs/ or 6000kg/13500 lbs lift capacity for more options

5.Heavy duty towers for strong pulling capacity.


Model M-30
Type Double tilt
Deck Structure Box structure with complete steel plate 10mm+10mm                     
A: Deck length 5800mm/19’  
B: Deck width   2200mm/7’2.6’’                  
Deck working height 300mm/11.8”-1050mm/3’ 5.3” 
C: Maximum length  8075mm/26'5.9''
D: Maximum width  2675mm/8'9.3''
E: Width of treadway   625mm/2’0.6’’
F: Width between treadways 950mm/3’0.4’’
Standard tower Quantity     2
Weight 2800kg/6173 lbs
Lift capacity 3500kg/7716 lbs
Hydraulic tower per tower 10ton
Tower Working Range 3600
Hydraulic Pressure 70MPa(10000psi)
Pneumatic Pressure 0.8MPa
Optional towers configurations 2, 3 or 4 towers
Optional deck length 6100mm/20’ or 6700mm/22’
Optional lifting capacity 4500kg/10000 lbs, 5500kg/12000 lbs/ or 6000kg/13500 lbs