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M-08 Auto Body Frame Machine

Smart and Small Platform 

Length: 3400mm Platform 

Width: 800mm 

Tower Pulling Capacity: 95 KN/10 Tons 

Max. Lifting Capacity: 2500KG

1. The machine is small and smart, which can save space at a big degree.

2. Complete steel-plate platform makes the machine strong enough for collision work.

3. The pulling tower can work around the car bench by 360° 

4. The pulling tower can swift by 120°

Model M-8                                                                                                       
Platform Length 3400mm/11’1.6” 
Platform Width 800mm/2’7.5”
Platform Height 120mm/4.7”-1200mm/3’11.2”
Tower Pulling Capacity 95 KN/10 Tons
Max. Lifting Capacity 2500KG/5511lbs〃
Pulling Tower Height 1800mm/5’10.8”
Pulling Tower Working Range 3600
Pneumatic Pressure 0.8MPa
Total Weight 1600KG/3527lbs