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M-60 Truck Body/Chassis Collision Bench

With 6 towers, each pulling capacity 25ton

Platform Length: 11600mm

Platform Width: 2560mm

Tower Pulling Capacity: 235 KN/10 Tons

Max. Lifting Capacity: 50000KG

1. With 6 towers, each pulling capacity 25ton.

2. A complete pushing and pulling tool kit is furnished, considering any type of reshaping.

3. Lifting equipment with 50tons capacity, which can effectively repair the declined distorted beam. 

4. With 25 tons of hydraulic ram, it can repair distortion, protruding, flex and so on flange wrench.

5. Four towers are 3000mm high and the other two are up to 4446mm. The quantity of towers is for customers' choice.


Model M-60
Type truck Body/Chassis Collision Bench                                                      
Platform Length 11600mm/38’
Platform Width 2560mm/8’0.4’’
Platform Height 600mm/1’0.9’’
Tower Pulling Capacity 235 KN/25 Tons
Tower Quantity 6 towers
Max. Lifting Capacity 500000KG/1102311lbs
Pulling Tower Working Range 360°
Hydraulic Pressure 70MPa(10000psi)
Pneumatic Pressure 0.8MPa
Total Weight 10000KG/220462lbs