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W-A-2140 Two Post Car Lift

Base Floor Design

One side manual release

Rubber pad door-opening protection

Limit switch

The arm adopts two stages or three stages design


1.Floor design suitable for the bottom not high in the auto repair.

2.Adopt double cylinder, 4x4 higher and stronger chain, the wire rope balance system.

3.One side manual release.

4.Rubber pad door-opening protection.

5.Secure fence protect the toes.

6.Rubber support pad adopts double helix adjustment height and height increase joint.  

7.Limit switch.

8.The arm adopts two stages or three stages design, larger range adjustment, suitable for different vehicle chassis, three-node arm optional installation.


Lifting Capacity                                       4000kg                             
Lifting Height                                         1850mm
Min. Height                                            120mm
Pass Width                                             2500mm
Column Width                                       2790mm
Total Width                                           3320mm
Lifting Time                                           50s-60s
Motor Power                                   2.2kw-380v or 2.2kw-220v
Oil Pressure Rating                                24MPa
Weight                                                   590kg