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M-3200D Spray Booth

Used for painting cars/light trucks

Outside size(mm): 7000*4000*3500(L*W*H)

Inside size(mm):  6900*3900*2750(L*W*H)

Front door: 3000*2700(W*H)

Wall Panel: 50mm EPS colorful steel skin panel


1. Spray booth is used for painting cars and light trucks.

2. The dimension can be customized according to the client’s request.

3. All parts related with electricity are from famous brand in China.

4. Heating system: diesel burner, electric infrared heating and gas burner heating system are optional.

5. Power supply: 380V, 3 phase, 50Hz; 220V, 3 phase, 60Hz; or 415V, 3 phase, 50Hz.


Outside Size(mm) 7000*4000*3500(L*W*H) Front Door(mm) 3000*2750(W*H)
Inside Size(mm) 6900*3900*2800(L*W*H) Total Power(KW) 12KW for diesel burner /                     36KW for infrared heating
Wall Panel EPS colorful steel skin panel, 50mm thick; steel plate thickness 0.3mm; Tongue&groove style, anti-flame and heat-insulation.
Basement Galvanized steel sheet and square steel pipe assembling, 2 rows of grid plates made by flat bar and round steel; 3 rows of diamond plates, galvanized; 2 rows of ramps.
Intake Fans Two sets of 3KW fan for intaking air, air capacity 20000m3/h
Exhaust Fans Without
Purification system Pre-filter, 600G high efficiency ceiling filter, Fiberglass floor filter.
Heating System                                              (diesel burner or infrared heating) Italy Riello G10 Diesel Burner, 100000Kcal/h. Stainless steel heat exchanger,                    argon arc welding. Auto-damper for changing spraying and baking.
For infrared heating system: 3 Tubes/unit, totally 8 heating units, 24KW.
Lighting System For Diesel Burner heating system. Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×18W.                   Without 
For Infrared heating system. Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×18W.
Controlling system Power switch, Spray/baking switch, Light switch, Temperature Setup, Emergency stop, etc.