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MX-9900 Car Body Dent Repair Machine

MX-9900 Car Body Dent Repair Machine

MX-9900 is for car body workshops. 

It allows welding monopoint 1 face with a gun for small repairs, hammered, patchwork and nails poses, pins, discs, rivets. 

You just need to set the power and time to weld different depth of car body iron plate.

1. Voltage monitor automatically;

2. Automatic overheating protection ;

3. Precise time adjustment system;

4. Heat, meson, vertical pulling, spot welding, flatten, waveform line, triangle shim etc welding;

5. Digital display;

6. Large puller and waveform welding;

7. 230V/400V can be ordered;

8. Pneumatic pulling tools.

Input Voltage AC 220V/380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Power 2.2KVA
Output Current 5800A
Output Voltage 6-12V
Welding Mode Manual
Number of Welding Gun One
Package Size 60*47*96cm
Weight 50KG