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MX-7 2 in 1 Spot Welder

MX-7 2 in 1 Spot Welder

MX-7 is for professional car body workshops. 

It allows spot welding 2 faces with a pneumatic clamp; welding monopoint 1 face with a gun for small repairs, hammered, patchwork and nails poses, pins, discs, rivets. 

1. Automatic over-heated protection function;

2. Repair functions for different steel auto body include stainless steel and other materials ;

3. One side welding and both sides welding can be chosen;

4. Possess gas filtrate and regulate function;

5. Unique cable rack,have front-back flexible function,Can turn 360 degree;

6. LCD digital chinese and english graph display;

7. Large puller and waveform welding;

8. Equipped infinitely current regulate, for any options.

Input Voltage AC 220/380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Max. Current 7000A
Rated Power 10KVA
Max. Power 50KVA
Insulation Grade F
Protection degree IP21
Max air pressure 1.0MPa
Output Voltage 2-13V
Welding Thickness 1.0+1.5mm (1 face)
2.5+2.5mm (2 faces)
Cables 2*2.5m*75mm2 (1 face)
2*3m*150mm2 (2 faces)
Packing size 62*68*120cm (0.67CBM)
Gross weight 145kgs