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WA-H1710 High Pressure Water Hose Reel

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Tube Material: Rubber tube with steel wire weaving

Tube Size: 8.0mm (inner diameter) x 17mm (outside diameter)

Tube Length: 1m input tube; 10m output tube.

Normal Pressure: 15MPa



l Suitable for engineering vehicles washing, 4S shop, vehicle decoration shop, livestock farm and shipbuilding factory, etc.

l Mainly used to transfer liquid such as high pressure water, air and thin oil, etc.

l The seal circle is with special design, which can’t be destroyed when stretching tube under high pressure.

l The anti-corrosion high pressure tube is with long working life.

l Improve working efficiency and working conditions.

l Ratchet and ratchet wheel are made by steel, which is safe with long working life; Copper made spindle and joint avoid to getting rusty.  

l The copper shaft sleeve bearing reduce the friction to the lowest.

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